Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Last Transfer: staying in Ellwangen , Germany

 I am really thankful for the Sacrament. I dont know if i really understand it all the way, but it is so awesome to have a chance every week to look back at the week and see where we have fallen short, and then ask the Lord for forgiveness and strength to do better the next week. In my book of mormon reading I have read alot about Laman and Lemuel and how they arent obedient but then they repent and the Lord forgives them. The Savior wants to forgive, even Laman and Lemuel.  if we have a desire so be better, to do a little more, and be more obedient, the Lord will bless us with strength and help us along the way. Its really awesome.

 P-Day Fun

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  1. Last transfer. That is freaking me out! It can't be, already! I can't wait to meet him though, he's such an amazing person!