Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 Vienna, Austria Zone
Vienna Zone Conference, Elder Spencer was able to help with a musical number and be the pianist for the meeting

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

playing, driving, hiking, oh and doing missionary work!

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Number one, thanks for the letter last week! Jace and Colson, your art is amazing! They brind the spirit into my study area so thanks for that! And Justin, thank you for your little devotional! I will definately use that this week with one of the members and I will report to you to tell you how it went!

Last monday we went over to our Ward Mission Leaders house for dinner. The Schäffners are so stinking aweseome! Brü Schäffner served his mission in Czeck and after dinner we looked at all of his mission pictures! It was really fun! It was my turn to give the spiritual thought and I shared a scripture in Moroni 7. It was verses 27, and 29. They talk about miracles and that there are still miracles happening today! Because I am a missionary I am going to give you all a commitment. Anyone who is reading this email can do this activity. Every night before you go to bed, count the miracles that you saw that day. They can be small. For example, the other day we were running a little late and we had to sprint to catch our train. We did catch it and then talked to someone cool on the train! That to me was a miracle! Then when you count these miracles, make a chart! Then you can see how as your faith increases, you will see more miracles. I can promise you all that if you do this you will see the hand of the Lord in your lives. As we count the small miracles in our lives, and recognize that the Lord is there, he will increase our faith, and bless us with more miracles! So that could be a fun FHE activity!!!!

Teusday we had District Meeting! It was super good. Elder Botcherby is doing a great job as DL. I always feel uplifted after our District MTGs. We had a few appointments planned for after District MTG but they all fell out! hhahah It kind of stúnk but we got to so some street contacting in stead!!!

Wednesday was sooo BOSS! We got to go on a hike with Janic and Hagop! I have some pretty sick pics from that! We got the know them better and develop a relationship. The only stinky thing is, is that Janic is moving to Graz tomorrow so we wont be able to visit him anymore :( hopefully we can still meet with Hagop!

Friday I got to teach Omar again! He is so awesome! He knows everything is true and wants to be baptised!!! Its so awesome!!!! The members accept him whích is really good to see. The latest with Omar is that we are helping him stop smoking. He hasnt smoked in a week so that is a really good sign! Hopefully he comes to church for the third time this week!

Saturday was an adventure for sure! The other two elders had to go to Salzbug to get some paperwork for the car. (by the way, Salzburg is like the other side of Austria) They took the train there but their train coming home was delayed and they had an appointment that they had to be at so Elder Botcherby and I took the car and drove all the way to Linz!!!! It was so stinking beautiful! I have some pics of the mountains! It was a long day but definately worth it!

Church was really good yesterday. I understood everything, and am now more of an active participant! We met with Arash. The Dry Mormon!!! He basically teaches us all of the lessons because he has heard them all so many times! I am teaching him English so he can move to America and be baptised! Hopefully he does! That would be sick!!!!!

Learned a cool lesson this week on following the spirit, We were invited to this "reach out" christian workshop last night and we called Pres to see if we could go and he said "Yes, of course". So we went and as we were about to go in I fealt really un easy and had a really bad feeling about the whole thing. I dont really know why, or what would have happened if we would have gone but I guess that doesnt really matter. It least I followed!!!

Dad, you are so right! Emailing gets harder and harder! Everything is so rutine now. If you have any questions let me know!!!! Today we are off to Wien to switch the car and have a zone P Day!!!! Love you all, thanks for your prayers!!!!

Love Elder Spencer

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

hooray for people to share the Gospel with

 I will report on our investigators!


He is so awesome! He is still meeting with us which is a miracle in itself! He keeps reading out the book of mormon and is finding the stories interesting. We have been teaching alot about prayer lately and trying to get him to pray about the Book. Unforuanately he leaves on vacation in the next couple weeks but hopfully we can meet with him when he gets back. We really struggle with staying on topic when we teach him. He has really deep questions and I think we need to just stick to the basics! and thanks for the scriptures dad, Ill use them next lesson!

Fam Ancea:

They are the Romanians that we met with a few weeks ago. The husband just got back from vaca, but his wife is still there. We set up an appointment to go back and teach about the Book of Mormon!

Janic and Hagop:

Oh man, these are my favorite!!!!! Janic is a less active member who live with his grandparents. His grandparents are active but he doesnt come. He is 18 years old and he has a friend who is 18! Janic is Austrian (and also black! his mom married an african! we play basketball with him all the time!) and Hagop is from Afganistan but has lived here for basically his whole life. We go over to their house every friday to do service and Janic and Hagop are there to help us. After service this last week they invited us to go play soccer in the park! We have really built an awesome relationship with both of them. We are going over for dinner on wednesday and hopefully we can ask Hagop if we can share with him why we are here. He has asked lots of questions about missionary work which is AWESOME!!!!! My hope for the whole thing is that Janic can help us teach Hagop, become re-activatied and then baptize his friend!!!! So that really the most excitement we have with our investigators!!!!

Schwester Grabmayer:

She is a less active lady that we have been visiting for the last month or so and guess who came to church yesterday???????????? Schwester Grabmayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really good to see her and all of the members were really glad to have her back! Hopefully she comes again next week!

and finally.... Omar:

So Omar is kind of a split investigator between all of the elders here in Bruck. We (as in both companionships) meet with him EVERYDAY! He is a referral from Antonios (the Egyptian guy). I was able to teach him this last week and it was the coolest lesson ever. We checked in on his reading and answered his questions. Then he said something super cool. He said that when he was reading he fealt warmth and calmness in his heart. He didnt really know how to describe it to us. Good thing we knew exactly what he was talking about!!!! The HOLY GHOST!!!! I then testified to him that what he was feeling was the Holy Ghost and that it was testifying of truth. He then said that he knew the book was true and now he has a baptismal date!!!! It was a really powerfull moment. Then it gets better! We then watched "finding faith in Christ" the film about his life. After the film he told us that his heart was racing! Elder Badders (the new missionary who was teaching with me) fealt his chest and told me that is was beating super fast! Omar then asked to take a little break so he could compose himself!! We then taught about the devinity of christ and how powerfel the atonement is. It was such a spiritual experience! So yeah, he is technically the other elders Investigator so it wont be my first real baptism but I have helped him come closer to Christ so that counts for something right?!!?

Picked a flower just for his mom

He will play just about anything

Monday, August 5, 2013

EGrüss Euch! Ich hoffe daß alles gut geht mit euch!?!?! Es ist so wunderbar hier in Österreich zu sein!

I thought about doing the whole email in German but you probably wouldnt really appreciate that! I feel like my german is coming along really well. I am so much more confident when I speak and I think people understand me ok!

To start off, THANKS SOOOO MUCH FOR THE JOURNALS!!!!!! They are perfect! I hope they werent too expensive?! You can take the money out of my account if you want!

Weekly highlights! Probably number one is chatting with RY right now! haha its like Im texting him! haha good think it isnt against the rules!

SO this week. We did a lof of work with the members. We have set a mission goal that every companionship will have a baptism this transfer. We only have 4 more weeks to get that done so taking someone off the street will be pretty hard. But I do know that if we take some who knows a member, they will be way more likely to join the church. We just need to help the members want to do missionary work. Thats the key!

We met with Mario again this week! He is so stinking coool! He has read through 1st Nephi 14 as well as 3rd Nephi 11-14. He has such good questions and good interest. The other day I went on an exchange with a brand new missionary from Graz. He had been out for 4 days and I we had a lesson with mario! We shared John 3:16 about how Christ came into the world so save the world not to condem the world. Then Mario pulled a scripture from 3Ne 9 or 9 where it talks about how when Christ visited America he destroyed all of the wicked cities. He said that it didnt quite match up! I didnt really know what to tell him! I have been studying it for the past couple days to get an answer. I think that Christs mortal ministry was to save the world, but after his resurrection he had a different purpose. Not sure if that will answer his question or not! haha hope so!

What else...we did service out at the Ollendorf's house. They have a really big hill in their back yard and it had about three foot long grass on it! We cut it down using a SICKLE! hah pretty old school id say. the field is white!!!! my back hurt so bad afterwards!hah like father like son! The grand kids from the Ollendorfs are inactive and so we invited them to play mini golf today! it should be really fun! Janic is 19 and is such a boss and he has a nonmember friend who is coming with!

So cool experience from last week. We went to a eating appointment with a lady from the ward and her husband is a nonmember. I was in charge of the spiritual thought and I fealt really strongly about a particular scripture to share. It was 1st Ne 17:13. I shared my testimony that when we follow the commandments of God, the Lord will be there as our light. I have already seen that on my mission. That the Lord has his hand in this work and he leads his missionaries where they need to go.

So yeah, I had a good week this last week. Nothin to crazy happend unfortuanatly! I really need to have more adventures to make these emails cooler! Im super excited for next week though! We get to go to Wien again for Zone Training. Then I am going on exchanges with on of the Zone Leaders! I will try and learn the most that I can from him!

Oh one thing I just thought of, mom, you said in your email that the focus of seminary will be explain, share, testify. Ill do some checking but in Preach My Gospel there is a really good section on how to use the scriptures while teaching and Im pretty sure the principles are the same. Maybe that can help!

I am really starting to get the hang of this missionary work thing! Its about time right?!!? I love reading in the scriptures, but more importantly, STUDYING the scriptures. I am known in our district as the Study missionary. I love my study and I share what I learn any chance that I have. It is so incredible to see that when I study something in the morning, there is always an opportunity to share that throughout the day. I know that the Holy Ghost guides my studies so I can help the people that I speak with!
 Elder Spencer and Antonios

Storming in Leoben