Monday, August 25, 2014

A productive week in Munich

 when you are waiting at a bus stop should do a photo shoot for your mom !! Thanks to Elder Spencer for always brightening my Monday's .

companion selfies are a must

Out for a country drive
 so I don't think these shoes will ever wear out !

 Elder Vitel is Romanian and Munich has many Romanian people living here, Elder Spencer has had opportunities to watch his companion in action as they are now able to reach out to a people that other wise would be very difficult to communicate with . Here Elder Vitel is skyping with a Romanian investigator . Technology is so valuable . This excerpt was an email Elder Spencer sent  to President and Sister Miles:
 I just wanted to send you a quick email about a miracle story that happened within the last couple weeks. So you know Svetlana, the Sister who helped you with cleaning, and cooking and stuff. Well, two weeks ago her mother came to visit her, here in Munich. She was just seeing some sights and stuff, and Svetlana asked us if we would come meet with her mom. The real miracle is, my Companion right now is Elder Vitel. He is the missionary from Romania. He was transfered here to Munich 3 after being a Zone Leader in Bern. President Kohler told us that he didnt know why Elder Vitel was here, but that we were supposed to figure that out.

So we had a Missionary from Romania and Svetlana's mother only speaks Romanian! We (Elder Vitel) began to teach all of the lessons. She bore her powerful testimony that she knew that the Book of Mormon was well as D&C! It was great! So we continued to teach her for the last two weeks. On this last Saturday we got permission from the Romanian Mission President to baptize Svetlana's mom!!!!! So we did the Interview on Saturday night, and then had the Baptism the next morning at 9 in the morning!! She was then confirmed during sacrament meeting. She leaves back for home today where she will be visited by the nearest members. 

It was just such an amazing experience to witness the hand of the Lord in helping his children come back to him. There were too many coincidences for them to be coincidence!

Monday, August 11, 2014

another week

We met this lady with the sisters. She is from South America and she was pretty sick, so the Sisters invited us to go and give her a blessing. So we went and got to know her, and then gave her a blessing. It was really awesome! She has two teenaged sons who are really cool! Hopfully we can help them come to church. It was also really awesome because a few days later this lady called the sisters and told them that she had a miracle!!! She was feeling better, and could do the things during the day with more energy and stuff!! Then she said, "Those two young men must be called of God or something!" hahah maybe?!?!?

After MLC we met up with our Sister Training Leaders (sister motto and peterson) and we went out to teach a romanian family. Now that I have a romanian comp, we keep getting used! haha it was really fun though. I didnt know what the heck was going on!


Saturday we did a service  project for a cool couple in the ward. They are about to get married. Then we headed to the church and did some planning with the STL's about Zone training meeting. That was really good. Our STL's are also really good. Just solid sisters, so thats great!


Then we headed out to Soccer!!! Every saturday! And its starting to work! There are about 4 guys who come every week and so we are going to try and get some teaching opportunites out of that. 


and then yesterday. Tons of visitors! Lots of americans! Ya know the usual! I got asked to play the organ, and it has been a long time since ive gotten to play in church so I made the best of it! Really pulled out all the stops! Then we came home and did some planning! 


So yeah that was my week. It was good. we are just about to hit the middle of the transfer grind. Exchanges every week, meetings to plan and stuff. I love being a zone leader and stuff, but sometimes i just want to go and get a golden, go to a tiny little area and WORK! Not have to worry about all of the other missionaries. But ill give it my best while i can! 


So yeah! I love you all! This is the work of the lord! It doesnt matter if other people baptize more just like it doesnt matter if someone on your team scores more points, because we all win the game!!!!




 At the Marienplatz
 one of the great parts of MLC seeing old companions, happy reunion for E. Spencer and E. Packer
 service day ...helping a family move??? good luck Elders !
 chatting with an investigator
train station selfies

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happenings in Munich

 Alpine sliding on P-day
 looks relaxed and comfortable doesn't he ?
 not sure how they coaxed him onto this tram he is afraid of heights !
Looking a little relieved

 Elder Thomas and Elder Spencer in the Barvarian Alps
 Zone Planning meeting
Waiting to place all the new "Goldens' for this month

 President Kohler's son Tanner turned 17 and invited the Elders to his party what 17 yr old wouldn't want a bunch of goofy missionaries to sing to him ??
 they love having a little bro who is so " BOSS"
President Kohler in front of the Mission home
 Goodbye Elder Thomas
and now welcome Elder Spencer's new Romanian companion Elder Vitel