Monday, August 25, 2014

A productive week in Munich

 when you are waiting at a bus stop should do a photo shoot for your mom !! Thanks to Elder Spencer for always brightening my Monday's .

companion selfies are a must

Out for a country drive
 so I don't think these shoes will ever wear out !

 Elder Vitel is Romanian and Munich has many Romanian people living here, Elder Spencer has had opportunities to watch his companion in action as they are now able to reach out to a people that other wise would be very difficult to communicate with . Here Elder Vitel is skyping with a Romanian investigator . Technology is so valuable . This excerpt was an email Elder Spencer sent  to President and Sister Miles:
 I just wanted to send you a quick email about a miracle story that happened within the last couple weeks. So you know Svetlana, the Sister who helped you with cleaning, and cooking and stuff. Well, two weeks ago her mother came to visit her, here in Munich. She was just seeing some sights and stuff, and Svetlana asked us if we would come meet with her mom. The real miracle is, my Companion right now is Elder Vitel. He is the missionary from Romania. He was transfered here to Munich 3 after being a Zone Leader in Bern. President Kohler told us that he didnt know why Elder Vitel was here, but that we were supposed to figure that out.

So we had a Missionary from Romania and Svetlana's mother only speaks Romanian! We (Elder Vitel) began to teach all of the lessons. She bore her powerful testimony that she knew that the Book of Mormon was well as D&C! It was great! So we continued to teach her for the last two weeks. On this last Saturday we got permission from the Romanian Mission President to baptize Svetlana's mom!!!!! So we did the Interview on Saturday night, and then had the Baptism the next morning at 9 in the morning!! She was then confirmed during sacrament meeting. She leaves back for home today where she will be visited by the nearest members. 

It was just such an amazing experience to witness the hand of the Lord in helping his children come back to him. There were too many coincidences for them to be coincidence!

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  1. That was so thoughtful of him to write the Miles! These pictures are fantastic, well, maybe not the ugly shoes haha =)