Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's time for change

3 am time to pick up President and Sister Miles and head to the airport
 Helping President Miles at the airport
 the final end off
 Elder Ward, Josh's greenie or "golden " they call them in his mission just returned after having to go home for some medical attention, welcome back Elder Ward!
 Goodbye Miles, Welcome to the mission field President and Sister Kohler and Tanner and Erika!
 And they are off , back to their home in Utah
 And they will be just as loved and in very good hands

 Thanks Miles Family for sharing your parents with the missionaries of the Alpine German speaking mission !
 A special Welcome Song
 of course accompanied by Elder Spencer
 and now back to work ....

 Elder Spencer was very happy to see Elder Ward, return happy and healthy
 A good and busy week for this missionary

Monday, June 9, 2014

Living the fairytale

A beautiful day sight seeing at the Neuschwanstein Castle

A missionary never turns down a photo op, with a Ferrari !

His city of Munich , Germany

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Busy Missionary
Our mission has been really struggling with finding people. Like I said, myself included! Then there was a Sister who said that sometimes its just stressful to be a missionary and that we shouldnt be too hard on the missionaries. Then President Miles kind of just went off! hahah He got really fiery and raised his voice to teach us a lesson, that missions are going to be stressful. That we all knew that it was going to be stressful and that if we are looking for a stress free two years, we shouldn't have come. He then bore one of the most powerful testimonies. He just said "He DIED for us!" We have no excuse to complain, or whine, or not talk to everyone we see. Then we all committed to do better, and improve our Zones! It was way cool! 
 Elder Spencer at the Mission Leadership Council training in Munich , Germany
 Sister Motto, Sister Henry, and Elder Spencer they have their mom's in common, the Alpine missionary mom facebook page has connected lots of moms. This group loves all the Alpine missionaries as their own!
 Learning the skill of corn dog making
 Neuschwanstein Castle the "Disney castle " Elder Spencer and Thomas
 Elder Spencer played and arranged and accompanied for an entire musical missionary presentation, this gift and talent has blessed so many lives
when a missionary finds a scooter.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May In Munich

So, some highlights of the week...


So yeah last monday I got a haircut! That was fun. I already told mom, but for everyone else.....

I went in to the shop to get my hair cut, and for me this was a very new experience! haha I wasnt really sure how to 'order' a haircut! I just told her that I wanted it shorter! Duh, because i would totally go into a hair dresser to get my hair longer......hahah But yeah she then asked me if 9mm was ok. Hate to break it to ya, but we americans dont use the metric system that often.....hahah I asked her how long 9mm was and she just laughed and said about 1 centemeter. HELLO LADY!!! I DONT KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS EITHER!!!! hahah it was way funny though! But I went with the 9mm cut and it turned out ok!

Then we went grocery shopping, cleaned the appartment for a while, then we sent a nice note to our Bishop thanking him for everything that he does. He is such a nice man. He is pretty young, has 3 or 4 little kids, and is just super busy. I saw how hard it was to be a bishop when dad did it, and Elder THomas had a similar experience so we just told him that we understand 'second hand' what he does. So hopefully he liked that.

Teusday was really good. We did some study then headed out to teach Antonio! We taught him the plan of salvation. He took it really well I thought. Nothing seemed to bother him about it. We just really struggle with him because he hasnt gotten an answer to his prayers. We cant force him to get an answer and we cant force Heavenly Father to give him one.....but we are kind of at a stale mate. We have taught him the three main lessons, he comes to church every week and all of the YSA activities, and reads in the Book of Mormon everyday! But he just hasnt gotten an answer. Hopefully soon!

Then we had district meeting at the church. That was good. It is kind of awkward now being a zone leader and going to District Meetings. I am still a normal missionary!!! But our District Leader always is looking to us for approval and stuff. We are just normal members of the district! We are for sure not any better than them. But thats just how it goes.

That night we taught German class. That was really fun! I think it is the most amazing miracle for me to be able to teach other people German! There is no chance that some normal person could learn a language as fast as missionaries! We believe in the gift of tongues! and so do I !!!!!

Wednesday was fun filled! So like i have mentioned a million times our job as Zone Leaders is to train the Dístrict leaders in the Zone. So on Wednesday we went to Augsburg, to visit a district meeting. It was really good. Probably one of the best one ive been to. Elder Pugmire is a really good District Leader. Their goals are right in line with the Zone and Mission Visions. That is something that people just dont understand. The Lord has a purpose.

Mos 1:39- The immortality and eternal life of man

The Church also has a purpose. The point most important to us is: Proclaim the Gospel

Our mission Vision is "We are Obedient, we speak with everyone, we baptize!"
A happy Missionary!

Preparation Day Activity, biking too bad they are not in Austria in their Lederhosen...
( for those Sound of Music people )
 So Elder Spencer is digging the European Skinny slim style, he has altered some ties, because did you know they are only to be as wide as your lapel on the suit ?? And now he found this sewing machine in his apartment and is "slimming down " his  American shirts
 A ward member took them mountain biking this week

Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome to Munich

 Elder Spencer said goodbye to his awesome Trainer Elder Botcherby!
 A new responsibility as Zone Leader in Munich will be to help with transfer days
Welcome to Munich !

Olympic Park

 New Companion Elder Thomas, taking a moment to meditate
Good Bye Elder Packer!
This was an awesome companionship

And another goodbye to a favorite little friend, Jonas Mucke, in Ellwangen, Germany

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day from Munich , Germany

 A special Mother's Day Card and original poem !

Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfers are hard but bring Growth Good bye Ellwangen, Hello Munich

 Leaving the Stuttgart Zone and Heading to the Munch Zone as Zone Leader
 the field is White?  not yet in Germany
 Goodbye Ellwangen, Germany

 Saying goodbye to his trainer Elder Botcherby is heading home
This was a great companionship , Good luck Elder Packer!