Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So to start off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!! How many is that like 38??? :D hope you had some turtle cake and got lots of hugs at school! haha sure you loved that!

I really hope you like all of the pics this week! It took me forever to email them but i thought there were some good ones on there! Definitely better then last week for sure!

And thanks so much for the pictures!!! I do have to say those are probably the best part of emails on Monday! I love seeing pictures of everyone and their activities! The boys look so good in their football stuff and jacers looks super awesome on the soccer field! Those will be some cute wedding pictures someday of Jace and Eva!!!

So this week.....lets see! Ill give ya a quick outline:

We had to take an entire day in the week just to clean our apartments!!

We went to Slovenia again!!

Had some really awesome appointments with our investigators and with the members!!

So, to start out, PUTZEN TAG! (cleaning day) President and Sister Miles told us a while back that we would be having a cleaning day and we finally had it! Honestly it was really weird being in the house all day and not being allowed to do any missionary work! but now our appartment is all clean and hopefully we will keep it that way! we re-organized the study rooms, got rid of a bunch of dishes that we didn't use, and deep cleaned the bathrooms. It was really fun and we made tons of memories together so that was good! I know this might sound silly but I learned a couple things from that experience. Number one, when we work together we are able to accomplish much bigger tasks. I know that makes sense and everything but it was a really big testimony strengthener for me. It reminded me of the talk by Pres Uchtdorf I think about lift where you stand. When we all grab hold and do our part, and work together we can accomplish great things. This can be applied to many different aspects of life. One with missionary work....When we work together with the members, we will see much more success. In sports.....when you find your "role" and execute with the rest of the team you will excel! I guess it was just something cool that i learned from cleaning the house all day!

The appointments with our investigators are going really well. We are making progress with Michel. He is our investigator with a baptismal date. Antonios helps us teaching him in Arabic and we follow up with our testimonies in English. He has two little daughters Pardy and Carny. They are 5 and 4 years old! They are learning German super fast in kindergarten. I can totally see them growing up in the church and being awesome members!!!!! It will be so cool!

We got to go visit a couple members this week which is always fun. I wish we could do it more but they are all single women and there are not many men that are willing or able to go with us. it is sad, but we are grateful for the opportunity when we can go! We went to visit schwester cseh. She is doing much better with her health and we had a really solid appointment with her. We were able to share with her our favorite scripture. Honestly I don't really have one so i always just pick one that I feel is good for the situation!!! So i chose Helaman5:12 I bore my testimony to her and it was really awesome! She is about to be a really awesome missionary on the other side of the veil. It is sad, but Heavenly Father wants her back really bad but she is being really stubborn! She is an awesome example for all of us!

SLOVENIA! We got to go out and visit the first councillor in the Branch Pres again! It was soooooo awesome! We stacked wood for a while, then built a house for a hedgehog that lives in his back yard. After we were done working we went to visit one of the neighbors. He has some mental disabilities and is really struggling with his life. We shared some things about us, then shared a spiritual thought and then gave him a blessing. It really touched him. I Hope Bruder Tschiesche will continue to do missionary work with him!

Then he took us to a Gasthaus (i think its like a motel, you can rent a room but it is basically just a restaurant) and we had a boss lunch. Pretzlejauze is what its called and it is just a huge platter of meat. Ham, turkey, schinken (bacon kind of stuff), liver paste, liver blobs, liverwurst, bacon paste, pork in some sort of jello stuff, cheese, horse radish, jalapenos, and bread! It was so stinking good! I have to admit i am actually a liver fan! Its not that bad. It was fun to just try all of the meats and make little sandwiches with it! After we were finished eating we were walking out of the restaurant and we heard some people singing. It was a choir group from Kärnton. You will have to look the Kärntners up on line. Kärnton is a state of Austria and they talk really funny! They were singing at we listened for a while, then Bruder Tschiesche suggested that we should sing something! We sang Love at Home from the Hymn Book and it was really awesome! They seemed to like it! It was a really cool memory. 

So yeah, that's basically it from me this week. October is right around the corner so that should be fun! OCTOBERFEST!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah! I was surprised when I found out that we can actually go to it on P-Days! I guess its pretty nuts where ever you go! The biggest on is in Munich but there are fests all over the place! And who knows I might get transferred up there this transfer! The chances of me staying with Elder Botcherby are really low! I think he is going to be transferred and I will get someone new! Who knows it might be a Greenie :) But yeah....Im pretty sure there will be some changes!

Keep up the good work boys! Have a good week and get good grades! And go beat whoever you play on Friday!!!! Love ya tons!

Bis nexte woche,
Elder Spencer

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