Monday, July 8, 2013

another week

We had some more appointments made out and they fell out....but hey no point in getting a bad attitude! I think one of the reasons they send elders out on missions is to prepare them for being rejected by girls when they get home :) But anyway, we have been doing alot of member work, as well as just plain finding (dooring, and street contacting).

We did have a cool experience as we were dooring an appartment building in Kapfenberg. We had doored about half of it and finaly one of the people said, "Hey, you're the Mormons right? I have one of those books!" So we went in and talked a little more about it with them. They are romanian and their german is not very good so it was hard to communicate and they basically talked the whole time, but at least we were able to bear our testimonies and set up a return appointment! It is so interesting here with the amount of "Auslanders" we meet with. I think that word means foreigner in english....anyway, they are all very humble and accepting of religion. The only bad part is the ward members dont accept them. The branch only wants Austrians, and the only people that will listen to us are the foreigners. My personal oppinion on the matter is that the only way we will be able to bring Austrians into the branch is through the members themselves.

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