Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another Transfer come and gone

Josh was excited that he will be staying in Bruck an Der Mur with his trainer Elder Botcherby till at least the next transfer. His companion is a new Dictrict leader and will be having more frequent meetings in Vienna...Josh was willing to tag along to Vienna with him :) Pictures coming soon the other computer is acting funny and I can't get to them right yet....

Some tid bits from his letter home this week:

Also, this week we had Interviews with President Miles. Mission presidents are really awesome. Its pretty incredible how they can remember so many missionaries. Honestly I thought that he wouldnt remember me, but in my Interview we talked about what I had siad on my first day. It was really cool. We talked about how we as missionaries can help members want to do missionary work. Its been something that we have been struggling with. Just a little bragging moment.....He asked me to say the opening prayer in German of course, and afterwards he asked me if I was "Fast-Tracked"!!!! That was pretty cool to hear! I think my German is really progressing which is a total blessing.

We had a couple of lessons this past week and they went really well. We met with a man named Mario. He is Austrian (first one I have taught)! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and a little about the restoration. It was really cool, at the end of the lesson we asked him what he would do if he knew the Book of Mormon was true. We were hoping he would say be baptized, but instead he said "I'll share it with everyone!" It was a really cool answer. We then commited him to be baptized once he knows it is true. He will be a project. Word of Wisdom will be something hard for him I think. We actually met with him in a Beer Garten! haha no one was there so it was actually a really nice place to meet. Deffinately a first for me!

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