Monday, June 3, 2013

A POEM Written by ELder Spencer

"All is Well"

I would not choose to walk to walk the paths
of the mighty pioneers.
To walk accross the country,
living constantly in fear.
Their faith so strong they up and left
everything they had.
Their homes, their things, their saftey,
the children feeling sad.
They walked by sight not of men,
but of Almighty God.
Leading them to the place,
the gospel could spread abroad.
Their motivation:Faith in Jesus Christ
and the Prophet Jospeh Smith.
His divine and inspired calling,
most thought was just a myth.

I would not choose to walk the paths
of the mighty pioneers.
I do however, have my own
'Faith Tester' for two years.
To honor those who did the task
that none of us could do,
I choose to share their message
of the love of God for you.
Everyday I thank the Lord
for the mighty pioneers.
Their choices will impact us
for many, many years.
The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
saves us all from hell.
We must thank the pioneers who sang,
"All is well, All is well"

I hope you like it. I wrote it after watching the Joseph Smith movie in the MTC!!!

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