Monday, June 10, 2013

A Baptism

Bruder Cisse on the left was baptized this week

This train was described as being like the train at the Portland Zoo a 1 1/2 hr ride

This is the kind of train these Elders are use too much better

I loved tis photo with the terrible historic flooding taking place in this region, this rainbow reminde me that the Lord's work still moves forward. TheElders will participate in flood clean up in Salzburgthis Saturday.

 Long train rides mean study time and......
play time :)

Josh had a dinner appointment this week. He was served a "really good soup"he said. He did not understand the recipe that was shared...after they left, Elder Botcherby told him he ate LIVER KNODEL ( liver dumplings) he said it was the first time on his mission he was glad he could not understand what the family was saying. But he liked it !

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