Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Transfer Time back to Ellwangen , Germany

Munich Coat of Arms

A Doner Bar
Ellwangen Coat of Arms

the Munich office crew

saying goodbye to friends
 the Kopischke Family saying goodbye to both Elder Spencer and Sister Harman
 last time as the munich district
For the past several months Elder Spencer had a responsibility on transfer days to see to all the missionaries getting where they needed. the last time in the "PIT "

Munich 1 and 3 Elders Spencer, Vitel ,Sponseller, Kopiscke

some of the little friends Elder Spencer is leaving behind
 Munich Ward building
 the office crew
office buddies Elders Huff and Bauerfeind

 Munich 3rd ward with matching scarves thanks to the sisters, Elder Spencer was transferred and Sister Harman went home
 doing alittle translating!
 Munich ward building
 Elder Spencer will miss very much Elder Vitel, but is ready to welcome his new Golden Elder Mateer from Essex, England as they head by train to open a new area in Ellwangen , Germany

 the life of a new missionary
they dropped off bags and headed right to work !

of course Elder Spencer needs to teach the new companion all about the food , Elder Mateer trying out his first Leberkase!

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  1. These are wonderful Lynda thank you for sharing them! I am sure they'll be missing his brilliant organizational skills at Bahnhof for a long time. He really has a talent for striking photographs.