Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's time for change

3 am time to pick up President and Sister Miles and head to the airport
 Helping President Miles at the airport
 the final end off
 Elder Ward, Josh's greenie or "golden " they call them in his mission just returned after having to go home for some medical attention, welcome back Elder Ward!
 Goodbye Miles, Welcome to the mission field President and Sister Kohler and Tanner and Erika!
 And they are off , back to their home in Utah
 And they will be just as loved and in very good hands

 Thanks Miles Family for sharing your parents with the missionaries of the Alpine German speaking mission !
 A special Welcome Song
 of course accompanied by Elder Spencer
 and now back to work ....

 Elder Spencer was very happy to see Elder Ward, return happy and healthy
 A good and busy week for this missionary

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