Monday, June 2, 2014

A Busy Missionary
Our mission has been really struggling with finding people. Like I said, myself included! Then there was a Sister who said that sometimes its just stressful to be a missionary and that we shouldnt be too hard on the missionaries. Then President Miles kind of just went off! hahah He got really fiery and raised his voice to teach us a lesson, that missions are going to be stressful. That we all knew that it was going to be stressful and that if we are looking for a stress free two years, we shouldn't have come. He then bore one of the most powerful testimonies. He just said "He DIED for us!" We have no excuse to complain, or whine, or not talk to everyone we see. Then we all committed to do better, and improve our Zones! It was way cool! 
 Elder Spencer at the Mission Leadership Council training in Munich , Germany
 Sister Motto, Sister Henry, and Elder Spencer they have their mom's in common, the Alpine missionary mom facebook page has connected lots of moms. This group loves all the Alpine missionaries as their own!
 Learning the skill of corn dog making
 Neuschwanstein Castle the "Disney castle " Elder Spencer and Thomas
 Elder Spencer played and arranged and accompanied for an entire musical missionary presentation, this gift and talent has blessed so many lives
when a missionary finds a scooter.....

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