Wednesday, May 15, 2013

so here is Josh impressing us with the Mission Theme
And whatever he is saying it sounded great to us, just 7 weeks ago I think he could say " bratwurst"!
 All boys photo shoot on Mother's Day
The highlight of this day. we were all so happy to visit with Josh
He was happy, healthy and over the jet lag when we talked with him. Elder Spencer is living in a small town called Leoben, Austria and  will be spending his time on a bike, there are only 4 biking areas in his mission.The area they are serving in is a new one. He and his companion are opening this area, so it will be a busy time for them. With all the hills it will be a way for him to take off the pounds he gained at the MTC!
He is enjoying the mission so far, his companion is Elder Botcherby from Springfield Ut, he's been out a year and an awesome trainer. The branch they are serving in has  about 20 members, mostly old folks we were told. Josh is able to share his talent of piano playing and he is very excited about that.
He's eating lots of spaetzle also trying to get used to mineral water! He is thrilled to be a missionary and looking forward to many adventures as the weeks progress

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  1. Lynda love the blog!! I especially love this photo opportunity!! I wished I had thought to do the same with our 4 boys! It will be nice to do this at Christmas when we get the opportunity again. Thanks for sharing!